Zoe and Gracie Sleep

A "new " Agility dog

I may need to change the name of my blog. Gracie, my little bichon, is really liking this agility stuff. She is fast, and she really enjoys everything we are doing. Zoe likes what we do, but is not fast, and still has jumping problems. Remmy is still scared of all contacts. Then we have Gracie who is excelling at everything in class so far.

This week in Gracie's class she did the dog walk. I believe that Grace thinks that it is a cat walk where she gets to show off her pretty tail, but she runs. Made it to end before me! Waits like a veteran at the end to be release. I couldn't be prouder.

Not only is she a champ on the dog walk but she takes tunnels fast. Whips around them and is actually able to be worked off lead, the only one in her class after three weeks.

Zoe's jumping in improving, but she still has difficulties. Still hesitates by every jump and still tries to duck out.
Zoe and Gracie Sleep

Agility Class- Is this the end for Remmy?

What a wonderful time of the week. I look forward to it all week. A few hours of just being around other people that like to do things with their dogs. Running on the course with my dogs, it is just a nice time of the week.

Unless Remmy is having a bad week and the substitute instructor tells me that he acts like I beat him. First of all, I do not beat my dog. He is as soft as a marshmallow Peep left out in the sun for a few hours, just about as sticky too. Remmy can be running well jump, jump, tunnel, jump. . . oop, that was one jump to many and he sits in front of the next jump. Maddening.!

A few weeks ago he ran to the end of the teeter, BANG, no more teeter performance. I have gotten him on a few times, and treated him really well and still, on Sunday I got him on twice and that was it. We could not even get him on one with freeze dried chicken hearts, by far the most disgusting thing I have ever given him.

Because of the loss of teeter performance, we don’t like the dog walk either. Let’s just not even talk about the A frame. We have only done it a few times. There is one A he will go up but it is an hour away and I can not go there very often to work on it. In fact I have only gone once. I was so proud to know that he could do it if he wanted, but he doesn’t want most of the time.
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It is after days like that, that I think, maybe agility is not Remington’s thing. Maybe I should find something that Remington really likes. What does Remmy like? Playing with is ball, chasing the cat, running in the sun, sleeping under the covers, licking, and singing.
DSC02602.jpg picture by rebelshope
Then, I remember where Remmy was: So shy he spent his first obedience class behind my legs, would never take a treat from anyone outside the family, and terrified of  swimming. Now we have our CGC, he takes treats from everyone in class and even at pet stores sometimes. He let anyone pet him, especially small children. He jumps in the pool to play with his ball.
DSC01156.jpg picture by rebelshope
I don’t know how much further we will continue with his agility training. We will most likely quite classes after this session and maybe do some privates or just work on things on our own. It all about having fun and if he isn’t, then we won’t.
Zoe and Gracie Sleep

Gracie the Bichon

Finally, the last member of my canine family- Gracie Lou. Usually known only as Gracie. The middle child if you will. She is also the only non-dachshund member. Makes her kind of stick out. She's is not a poodle, by the way. She is a Bichon Frise.
DSC02439.jpg Gracie picture by rebelshope
I got Gracie mostly for my mother. My mother is not really up to the coat care up keep, nor training/ exercise. I got Gracie so my mom could love and pet Gracie from time to time.

It was another adventure off to meet someone at some parking lot. Wrong way to get a dog. I need to stop doing that. This time I waited almost an hour for someone to show up and when they did they handed me a half soaked puppy. She got dirty that morning and had to have a bath. Make us kind of worry the whole way home as the puppy shivered and was almost motionless for most of the way home.

People just aren’t all that honest I am finding out. Although we were told that she had been to the vet, after I picked Gracie up the woman refused to answer my e mail so I had to have her revaccinated. At the vets we found out that she had bad ear infections in both ears. Poor dear!

She is a tough little dog tough little dog though, and she has turned out to be a great dog.
DSC02542.jpg picture by rebelshope
Although Gracie may look like a little bundle of fluff, she is really a sporty little girl. The cute girl outdoorsy type. She love water and snow! Just give this girl a pool or a mound of snow and she is as happy as clam. Make coat care a pain, but she is so cute to see playing I can’t stop her.

She also loves agility and is my third “agility-dog-in-training” She should have been my first as she has taken to it much better than the other two. Although she is only in a beginner class right now, I am positive that she will be my first dog to get out after one session. She CAN get up the A frame. What a wonderful thing, a dog that can run to the top of the A frame and then back down without fear.  I am really excited what she is going to do.
Zoe and Gracie Sleep

(no subject)

Zoe is my second dachshund. Again, I found her while looking on the internet. I don't know what I was looking for, but I found an ad for "free to good home" Those kinds of adds scare me. No dog is free to a good home. A good home is going to spend a lot of money on that dog. So because she was a 9 month old dachies, unspayed. I contacted them. I figured that if I didn't she might end up in puppy mill, or back yard breeder's home.
DSC02630.jpg Zoe picture by rebelshope
Honestly is not always the most forthcoming of traits in humans, but many end up spilling the beans before we are doing dealing with them. As it turned out Zoe was not a pure bred dachie and the woman I contacted was her "breeder", and I use the term loosely. According to her Zoe is 3/4 dachshund, and 1/4 terrier. . . what ever that means. Fox? JRT? Rat? I tend to think that she might be JRT. It is in her head. Anyway I digress.

So I called this woman and at least she was honest enough to tell me that she was not a purebred, and that she had no shots, see why I use the term "breeder" loosely. Now dachies can be 7.5- 30 lbs. That is not the breed standard, but an estimate. There is a wide variation of size. I have Remmy to tips the scales at 7.5 lbs when he is at a good weight. So  I ask this woman how much does her dog weight. "Oh about 8lbs," she replies. Perfect.

I get in my car, my mom comes along for the ride and we head of 3 hours away to find this new bundle of joy. We are meeting her at a shopping center. For those of you keeping score, there is another hint that his woman is not on the up and up. Good breeders do not meet you in the middle of a parking lot. They meet you at their home and they want to know about your home.  She told me she would be driving an SUV. When we finally get there we are drive all over the place looking for this blue SUV. Apparently she forgot what kind of a car she had-she came in a sedan.

We meet, I described my car correctly so she really found us. We say hello, and she hands me this HUGE puppy! I mean this puppy is quite large compared to my little Remington. I know this woman is way so I just take the puppy and run. Back in the car I read the note that tells me that she has NEVER BEEN HIT. It was all in caps like that too, like she expected me to beat the hell out of the dog and that was supposed to stop me. She also wrote down the dog's birthday. According the the date she gave Zoe was 7 mos, not the 9 she told me. So math is not her strong point either.

By the way- Zoe tipped the scales at 18 lbs when I got her, little off from the 8 lbs. I was told she was.

Well this has been a trip. Zoe does have a sweater that is too tight on, and no collar so I stopped in at big box pet store and got her a collar that fit. It has been a day so far and we are wanted to eat. My mom and I head to a fast food place for a bite.

Now I brought along a crate for a 8 lb. dog. I squeezed her in there when we went to eat. But as soon as we got back I let her out, she was so crapped. After I let her out, my mom asked why I didn't wait until after we got fuel. Well because I was not thinking. "She'll be fine." No whenever you feel the urge to say those types of words, STOP! They never lead to good. In fact I believe that as soon as you say the word, "It will be fine" you have just doomed yourself.

I filled up the car, while my mom ran in to buy some diet cokes. We got done about about the same time. We were getting in the car at the same time. We had two doors open at the same time. See what is about to happen here?
DSC02458.jpg picture by rebelshope
My mom, God Bless her, has had both of her knee's replaced. It takes a bit of time for her to get into the car. Zoe on the other hand is young and spry. It takes her no time at all to jump out and run down the busy road.

Zoe, Hailey at that time actually, does not know me. She is just freaked out. She runs in to the road. I take my large, okay, fat ass and run after her. Up over a snow bank and down in to on coming traffic. Huffing and puffing, I charge like a bull towards the cars. They see me and the dog and stop. Thank God Zoe stopped to sniff a tire. I scooped her up and huffed and puffed back to the car.

This was just the first day!
DSC02611.jpg picture by rebelshope
Zoe as it turned out is sort of a goof ball. She wants to be a princess, but fall short. She is funny looking with a roached back and head that looks like it should be on another dog.  She moans and groans and hates the vet. She is a charcter as you'll soon learn.

Zoe is my second Agility-dog-in-training. Jumping is a challenge for her. As it the A frame. I need to make my A frame. She is good a weaves though. . . amazing huh.

Btw these are recent pictures of Zoe, I have none from the actual day.
Zoe and Gracie Sleep

Remington Steele

This is the journal of two doxies, a bichon, and whoever else I decide to journal about.

Meet Remington Steele:

realcloserem_1.jpg Remington Steele picture by rebelshope

Remington Steele is just about as long as his name. He a 6 year old mini dachshund. I have had him since he was a year and a half. I found him on the internet. A nice couple owned him and realized that they just didn't have enough time for him.

It was love at first sight. He was adorable! I bought him and loaded him and all his stuff in my car. I had my other dog Katie (may she rest in peace). Katie curled in the front seat while Remmy hid in the back. Little guy was just a tad bit overwhelmed. Once at home I got the two inside, looked at that tiny little dog sitting at my feet. I couldn't help it, I started talking baby talk to the little guy and that little guy. . .  peed on my foot. Remmy has learned to control his badder a little better now. But he is sill known to have a nervous badder. Well nobody is perfect.

We have had a long road to get him where he is. Remmy was very shy when I got him, and although he is not the life of the party now, he is not as fearful as he was. Remmy's first obedience class was spent mostly behind my legs. Remmy was so fearful of the other dogs and people that he would not even take a treat from me. We have worked a long time and last fall he earned his CGC!

DSC02522.jpg picture by rebelshope
Remmy is really just a happy go lucky guy at home. He loves his ball, treats and a really nice warm blanket. If has those these he is pretty happy with the world.

Remmy is my first agility dog in training. We still have a few issues, like getting his 7.5 lb body up a 6ft A frame. That will be over come with time. I will be making an A frame here at home if the snow ever melts around here.
420071-R1-033-15_016.jpg picture by rebelshope
Cute isn't he?