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Long Time No Post and Pet Stores

I am making a New Years Resolution early. I am going to blog at least 3 times a week. I figure that is up from what I have been doing. I get busy and . . . oh I can give you lots of excuses which nobody really wants to hear and don't really add up to a hill of beans anyway.

Now to what I really want to say. Pet stores that carry puppies, why? Do people who want a puppy have their head in the sand?

Okay let me start at the beginning. I just bought an angora rabbit from a breeder just over the boarder in Illinois. I drove down yesterday to pick him up. He is a black English angora and is my first one. I am hoping to be able to offer angora wool for sale soon. Learning how to spin with a hand spindle is also on my list of things to do. Black Buck the Pirate, or just Pirate was going to be a show rabbit by his breeder but at a young age his ear carriage was broken by a litter mate and so he has one lop ear, makes him look something like a unicorn caterpillar. He will be perfect for fiber though, and maybe even to make some baby Engish or English/ German bunnies. He has such nice fiber I have been told and there are many handspinner and crafter out there that want good quality fiber.
Buck, rabbit, English Angora rabbit, male rabbit,
So I was going to pick up my well bred rabbit when I saw a pet store. Why not I thought, stop in and maybe get a little rabbit treat for my new bunny. I did not realize that they had puppies there. Well I started talking to everyone near the puppies telling them what horrible condition these puppies mothers were kept in, how they would be harder to house break because in cages such as though they were learning to go to the bathroom there they sleep. How they cost so much more than if they adopted a nice dog from the shelter and the whole gambit of problems that buying a puppy from a pet store causes. To make a long story short I was asked to leave.

It broke my heart to see those puppies in there. A little black and tan dapple dachshund puppy was in a cage. I wanted to grab him out! $400, reduced from $600 is what it said on his cage. All these puppies had hand written reduced prices tags. They were getting older. The Dachshund puppy was around 4-6 months old. I didn't ask, but he was quickly growing out of that cute puppy stage. Need to dump them fast at that point. I wonder what these pet stores do when the dogs are not puppies anymore? Drop them off at the pound? Shot them?

What really bothers me is that people who are buying these puppies have obviously no idea about dogs. They have not done research about the cute little puppy they are picking out. A quick search on the internet would lead all these people to steer away from pet store puppies. Even people that are reasonably intelligent about other things are absolutely clueless about bringing a puppy into their homes.

A few months ago I ran into a nice lady who rode horses and has other connections to animals. She bought a pet store puppy. A pug, I asked, nicely - why she got it from a pet store. Well her kids were pestering her and she just couldn't say no. She went on and on about the price. What they?!?!? I asked is she knew about puppy mills, but she sort of dismissed this. I could not believe it. About a week ago I saw her again. She had her pug with her, in a dipper. Why? Well of course the darn thing is not getting the idea of potty training.

All I can hope is a few of those people used their brains and left. I am sure the store manager made me sound like a crazed woman after I left, but I just hope even the comments about potty training and high prices would make those people stop and find another place for a puppy.
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