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Planting Sunflowers

When I say my dogs do everything with me I am not kidding. They do.

I live on a little farm. You have seen my duck, I am getting three more Cayuga ducks today. I have a goat, some horses, and several chickens. I love my little farm. So do the dachshunds. They follow me all over as I do my daily chores. Cleaning out the barn, collecting eggs, feeding the ducks. Always by my side is Zoe, Remmy many times comes along also. Gracie like to lounge by the pool.
DSC02818.jpg picture by rebelshope
I'll have to admit though that Zoe is not perfect though. She likes to sneak off when I focus my attention to long on something other than her. What a dachshund! We have this pretty well licked thanks to the intermediate bridge.  When she across the yard and I call her. I would start saying "grrr" as long as she was coming toward me. As she got closer I would finish saying the word "great" just as reached me. It has worked wonders with her. She just tears across the yard to me now.

But I still have to watch her and make sure that she does not sneak. To help in this matter I am making a little barrier, a bed of sunflowers. Just a visual barrier that we hopefully help her to remember where her boundary is. That and I just want to watch the sunflowers grow this summer. I planted gray mammoth in the back and then in the front are small sunflowers. I can't wait til they pop up.

A few weeks ago I dug the bed. It is about 22 feet long and two frrt wide. Zoe helped to survey the new bed, then she dug right in helping! She likes to do that. Communal digging. She doesn't dig on her own, but like to lend a helping paw when I do it. What a sweetheart, always thinking of others. LOL

DSC02824.jpg picture by rebelshopeDSC02823.jpg picture by rebelshope
Unfortunately our lawn mower need a little maintenance. The over grown lawn allowed me to see this unusual dandelion but it also is a little long, as Remmy is showing here. I am hoping this weekend we get the lawn mower fixed. If not Remmy is going to have start wearing a pith helmet as he goes out on safari.
DSC02828.jpg picture by rebelshopeDSC02820.jpg picture by rebelshope

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