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One of the things I love about my dachshunds is they require very little grooming. No brushing really required, except a toothbrush. I Drummel their nails. Clean their ears regularly and a bath when they roll in something stinky. Really basic stuff.

Not Gracie. No grooming and she looks like this:
DSC02786-1.jpg picture by rebelshope
Gracie require full grooming, including trips to the groomer and brushing at home. Having a bichon is buying brushes, using them regularly. Grooming tables, special shampoo and conditioners, extra care when outside and knowing what my breed is supposed to look like.

Actually on that point I would really be better off if I had not idea what a bichon is supposed to look like. Even a pet bichon, in my opinion, should look something like a bichon and not a poodle. If I wanted a poodle. . . I would have gotten a poodle. I didn't want one, actually I didn't want a bichon either, but I have one and would like her to look like one. Most groomers don't seem to understand this point. She is a bichon and not a poodle!

Gracie came back from her very first grooming session looking like a poodle. I was SO upset, my cute little bichon puppy was some how transformed in to a poodle puppy. I had tried to ask the groomer about bichons and how to groom  them. She basically made me feel like I didn't know anything about my breed of dog and that she could do it. Well she didn't, I did, and she couldn't. DSC02816.jpg picture by rebelshope

We found a good groomer at a popular big box pet store. I was amazed to find such a gem there, but she used to groom 4-5 bichons a day at a previous job. She makes Gracie look like. . . well this:DSC02790.jpg picture by rebelshope

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