December 14th, 2008

Zoe and Gracie Sleep

Do you like butter in your hot dog?

Ya know sometimes I don't listen to common sense. I should, I have it. I just don't. Today we made a run up to Sam's Club. A great place to stock up on staples such as cream of mushroom soup, paper towels, shredded cheese, and butter. Things you can freeze or don't go bad. We are trying to save money we took a trip up there to get stuff.

When I got home I let the dogs out. Normal thing to do. They run around crazy, take a whiz, ya get the idea. I had to unload all this stuff. Now remember the idea is that you buy in bulk. So we got a 2 lb box of oatmeal. 10 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 12 cans of tomato soup, 10 rolls of paper towels, 3 lbs of butter, etc. This stuff does not fit inside bags really well so we use boxes we pick up at Sam's. They were heavy and it is cold and wet and windy here. I was tired and cold by the time we got in, I am trying to not be lazy though so I then put all the food away. Two things happened next. One, I could not find the mozzarella cheese, two I thought I should go double check in the car. I got lazy though. Darn it sneaks up on one. I plopped down in a chair, played some SIMS 2 and had a diet coke. It's cold outside, I knew the cheese wouldn't go bad.

After a bit I wet upstairs and checked my e mail. Then I went back down stairs and then it hit me. I saw Remmy and I saw Gracie but my shadow, Zoe, was not there. Well all this wind has made the house cool. I thought maybe Zoe was upstairs and then feed the goats and horses their afternoon feeding. Cold and tired again I plopped down again. Then it hit me again. No Zoe, this is three hours later and I didn't think my shadow would be gone from my side for that long.

I called her and ran upstairs. No Zoe. I ran to the front door. No Zoe. I ran to the garage. No Zoe. Then it hit me again. See things have to really hit me between the eyes before I take noticed. The car! I ran out to the car and there was Zoe sitting on the front seat eating a pound of butter. Now I think she only ate about a stick, not that is good but it could be worse.

Let us all say a quick prayer for Zoe's digestive track.