rebelshope (rebelshope) wrote,

A "new " Agility dog

I may need to change the name of my blog. Gracie, my little bichon, is really liking this agility stuff. She is fast, and she really enjoys everything we are doing. Zoe likes what we do, but is not fast, and still has jumping problems. Remmy is still scared of all contacts. Then we have Gracie who is excelling at everything in class so far.

This week in Gracie's class she did the dog walk. I believe that Grace thinks that it is a cat walk where she gets to show off her pretty tail, but she runs. Made it to end before me! Waits like a veteran at the end to be release. I couldn't be prouder.

Not only is she a champ on the dog walk but she takes tunnels fast. Whips around them and is actually able to be worked off lead, the only one in her class after three weeks.

Zoe's jumping in improving, but she still has difficulties. Still hesitates by every jump and still tries to duck out.

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