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Gracie the Bichon

Finally, the last member of my canine family- Gracie Lou. Usually known only as Gracie. The middle child if you will. She is also the only non-dachshund member. Makes her kind of stick out. She's is not a poodle, by the way. She is a Bichon Frise.
DSC02439.jpg Gracie picture by rebelshope
I got Gracie mostly for my mother. My mother is not really up to the coat care up keep, nor training/ exercise. I got Gracie so my mom could love and pet Gracie from time to time.

It was another adventure off to meet someone at some parking lot. Wrong way to get a dog. I need to stop doing that. This time I waited almost an hour for someone to show up and when they did they handed me a half soaked puppy. She got dirty that morning and had to have a bath. Make us kind of worry the whole way home as the puppy shivered and was almost motionless for most of the way home.

People just aren’t all that honest I am finding out. Although we were told that she had been to the vet, after I picked Gracie up the woman refused to answer my e mail so I had to have her revaccinated. At the vets we found out that she had bad ear infections in both ears. Poor dear!

She is a tough little dog tough little dog though, and she has turned out to be a great dog.
DSC02542.jpg picture by rebelshope
Although Gracie may look like a little bundle of fluff, she is really a sporty little girl. The cute girl outdoorsy type. She love water and snow! Just give this girl a pool or a mound of snow and she is as happy as clam. Make coat care a pain, but she is so cute to see playing I can’t stop her.

She also loves agility and is my third “agility-dog-in-training” She should have been my first as she has taken to it much better than the other two. Although she is only in a beginner class right now, I am positive that she will be my first dog to get out after one session. She CAN get up the A frame. What a wonderful thing, a dog that can run to the top of the A frame and then back down without fear.  I am really excited what she is going to do.
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